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310S sintered felt

Short Description:

310S sintered felt has a long service life, environmental protection and energy saving, high temperature resistance, deformation resistance, no carbon deposition, good toughness, foldable, uniform pore size distribution, and very high porosity and pollution resistance. Widely used in burner, boiler transformation, gas air conditioning, glass annealing, food baking, oven, heater, coating paper industry, drying industry, dust industry and other fields.

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Material: SUS310S

Features: high temperature and oxidation resistance

Application: high temperature dust removal, high temperature exhaust system and other high temperature impurity interception environment

Advantages: 1. Maximum operating temperature: 450 ℃

2. High strength and toughness

3、 Good hydrophobicity

4. Good sintering

5. Long service life

Processing size: 500 * 1000mm, 600 * 1000mm, 1000 * 1000mm, 1100 * 1000mm

It can also be processed according to the net size required by the user

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